Dogs of Instagram: Alfie the Balfie

Dogs of Instagram: Alfie the Balfie
Authored By Guia Dumancas

Hey, Hoomans! Alfie the Balfie is the most charming doggo you'll see on Instagram!
Alfie is a very energetic mini pinscher owned by couples Mr. Ariel Bryan Pastoral and Ms. Geraldine Acebes Ejoc. Geraldine described this 1 year old Alfie as a small puppy with a big personality. She also confessed that Alfie loves opening gifts, playing, and looking cute! Keep on reading and get to know more Alfie the Balfie.

As Alfie's owner, how would you describe her?
"Other people always think she's kinda masungit and matapang because she always barks at them or the other dogs, especially the large dogs.  But they don't know that she just wanna play with them. Other people who know the characteristics of a mini pin (Vets and mini pin owners) say that she's so sweet for a mini pinscher. Yes, she's a bit moody but she's so sweet! Especially to us she's a Mama's girl. She has separation anxiety.  That's why she's very clingy and she cries when she can't see us. We always have to bring her wherever we go. It's hard to leave her alone at the house."

Where did you get Alfie?

"She was given to us by one of my mom's friends."

Tell us where did you get her name, "Alfie the Balfie"

"Her name came from my nephew "Alexander Franco" "AL" for Alexander and "F" from Franco but she's a girl so they made it "FIE" so that's why they named her "ALFIE".  As for Balfie, we thought that she was a funny puppy and Balfie sounded like a funny name so Alfie the Balfie."

Who creates Alfie's designs?

"We sent pictures to Merchiful and they based the designs off of those pictures."

How did Alfie started as a Social Media Influencer?
"We just wanted to join a contest to get her a real bed instead of a makeshift house made of a box but then she started modelling and slowly became what she is now."

Why do you think people like Alfie so much?
"She's a funny pup! Always excited when opening gifts and she's a sweet doggo!"

So far, what are Alfie's achievements?
"She's won a few awards online and offline and has walked the runway a couple of times. More of those soon!  Her best achievement so far is celebrating her first year of life and making everyone here happy!"

What is the common reaction or comment Alfie get from her followers?
"That she's a very energetic and cute doggo!"

What are the likes and dislikes of Alfie?
"She likes playing all the time. She wants to play and go for walks even if she's sick! Rain or shine she's always up for it. As for her dislikes, dry dog food. We have a hard time feeding her because she won't touch her food unless we put something else with the dog food or spoon/hand feed her. She also hates obedience training when it starts to get redundant."

How does Alfie reacts each time she sees her face on a shirt or any merch?
"She keeps on scratching on the shirt and the pillow! She probably knows it's her."
How do you bond or what activities you and Alfie do together?
"She likes to cuddle all the time! We feel like she acts more like a cat than a dog sometimes. We play fetch and do obedience training everyday."

What is your/Alfie's message to her followers? And to pet owners who want to have their own merch for their pets also?"
Thank you for for all the love and support we have received from all of you since the day we joined Instagram. If you want a cute and unique merch with Alfie on it check out Alfie's merch!  We have great items and they are always available for you. If you want to have your own pet merch, inquire at Merchiful! They respond immediately and are easy to approach!"

What is your personal message to Alfie?
"Don't grow up too fast little one! You'll always be our little girl no matter what. We love you so much!"
So what are you waiting for? Whether you are a doggo or a hooman you can check Alfie's merch and see cute doggo designs! Visit her collection at and also be sure to follow her on Facebook at and Instagram @alfiethebalfie!

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