Bluetraces - Art That Will Leave A Lasting Mark On You

Bluetraces - Art That Will Leave A Lasting Mark On You
Authored By David Tan

Name: Nerie Buizon

Location: Metro Manila

Filipino Artist Profile: Nerie Buizon

Art is always mean to leave a lasting mark whenever you get to see it. Whether it’s a historical painting hanging inside a museum, or something as simple as an abstract shirt design, the impact of a true work of art will always be the same. Looking at Nerie Buizon’s work for Bluetraces will also produce a similar effect, if not greater. Her designs and works of art stand out from a sea of ordinary sceneries in the world today. But don’t take our word for it. Learn more about how Bluetraces can make your everyday life more beautiful below.

How did your journey as an artist begin?
The curiosity started at a young age. Elementary days as I can remember and carried it through college but stopped when I started working. The interest to pursue on with the craft seriously started last 2016, specifically acrylics. I painted on stretched canvas using acrylic and oil paint.

How did you come up with Bluetraces for your brand name and what is the reason behind it?
Bluetraces is like leaving a blueprint, a trail. Traces of yourself through paintings that would eventually last more than a lifetime for others to enjoy and remember you by.

What is your favorite subject to create, and why?
I love to paint women's faces with leaves and florals. It is my representation of the earth we live on and a  reminder that we should take care of nature for our children to enjoy.

How would you describe your style?
Abstract, impressionism.

What are the influences that shaped your style?
It's not really the influence but the experience of using a certain medium. How they give me the freedom to manipulate such when I'm in a certain mood. I love using ink and watercolor when doodling. Acrylics for abstracts and larger paintings.
I love the style of Gustav Klimt and Nunzio Paci.

Every Artist has that one creation they're proud of the most. For you, what is that piece, and why?
I don't think I have that piece yet. I consider myself as still in the process of learning and I can't say I am already that confident with my pieces. But if there is really that one painting, it's a painting in acrylics entitled A VISIT. It holds a meaning embedded in my subconscious that appears once in a while in my dreams.

What are the struggles you encounter as an Artist?
There are a lot of things, one is space. We live in a small house and basically, my workspace is the living room which I can be easily distracted. The second, is where to market my art. Art materials are expensive, I have to sustain what I love to do by selling and I don't like marketing myself on social media. Maybe I need a manager.

What is the most important achievement you've accomplished as an Artist?
Selling my art and people loving it but don't have the money to buy! Doing commission work enabled me to buy more expensive materials and tools and has enabled me to start on another project of interest.

What are the strengths you possess as an Artist?
Maybe it's the fact that the moment I hold the brush, it's hard for me to stop until I'm done. I also don't care what people think. It's my own expression and I control it. Like most artists, I'm also a perfectionist.

What do people usually say about your designs?
Colorful and beautiful.

How do you handle criticism directed towards your work?
Maybe people are just polite, I haven't encountered one yet. If there would be, I'd take it constructively.

Are you more comfortable working alone, or do you prefer being a part of a group?
I haven't had any experience working with a group, so I can't say. Working alone is great for me, I'm an introvert so I can go on years with just me in a room but it doesn't mean I won't love working with people.

Do you have any advice for talented individuals who are about to start their careers?
For them not to hold back.  Don't wait for the right moment, it won't come, just do it. Focus on what you love to do and be very good at it. As Paolo Coelho said, "And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

How did you know about Merchiful, and why did you choose it as the platform for your designs?
Through google search. I was looking for a printing company who prints on dresses but came across Merchiful. I have a lot of paintings in watercolor and acrylic but the designs I have in Merchiful are all digitally done. I choose their platform for my digital paintings to test the waters in that area.

What can Merchiful customers expect from you in the coming months ahead?
It's hard to focus right now in creating digital designs as I have other projects and I don't have that much following on social media nor do I have time to focus my energy on building my audience. But I have a plan to set aside a time frame for each of my projects, digital designs for Merchiful included. Thinking of some bold designs which have a punch that would cater to both male and female alike.

Adding a dash of awe and wonder into your everyday life isn’t that hard. Take a look at Bluetraces’ Merciful store and you might be able to make your days a lot more beautiful. You can also learn more about this artist by checking her out in these various platforms.

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