Embroidered Caps Coming to Merchiful

Embroidered Caps Coming to Merchiful
Authored By David Tan

Want to embroider your logo or artwork design on a hat? Using brand new state of the art embroidery equipment, Merchiful can create beautiful, high-end looking embroidery with our on-demand embroidery service.

Design Custom Embroidered Hats Online

Watch this video for a behind the scenes look at how we embroider our caps.

Personalized Embroidered Hats

The embroidery process starts by sending us your logo or artwork for evaluation.  Once we have confirmed we can embroider your design, we will digitize it.  Digitizing is the process of converting a file into instructions for the embroidery machine.  These instructions guide the machine on which of the 15 thread colors to use, and assigns the path which each thread should follow when stitching together the design.  Good digitizing is a work of art and requires the talent of a skilled embroiderer. It's also the key to a beautiful, embroidered design.

Create Personalized Embroidered Hats and Logo Baseball Caps

If you're ready to make your custom embroidered hat, contact us and send us your logo or artwork for evaluation.

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