Print on Demand Customized Backpacks

Print on Demand Customized Backpacks
Authored By David Tan

You saw it here first!  This is the print on demand customized backpack from Merchiful.  Make your own backpack with your own design or buy a pre-made design from your favorite Merchiful creator.


This 3D Backpack Will Amaze You

Check out this 3D mockup of our customized backpack.  Swipe the image below to see the backpack turn 360 degrees.

Print on Demand Backpacks

The print on demand backpack is officially here.  These backpacks are made from durable polyester material, similar to the fabric you'll see on the popular Jansport backpacks. Your design is printed on the front side of the backpack. A mesh pocket on the side allows you to carry a water bottle. Our backpacks are known for their vibrant colors and attractive look. Get yours today and have a unique backpack that you can only get here on Merchiful!

Making of a Backpack

You can also choose to buy a pre-made design from one of your favorite Merchiful creators.  These backpacks are printed on all sides of the backpack, including the front, left and right side, as well as the shoulder straps.  Watch our video for a behind the scenes peek at how we make our customized backpacks for our Merchiful creators. 
Ready to get one of your own?  Browse our collection of backpack art here!

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