How We Make Face Masks

How We Make Face Masks
Authored By David Tan

Ever wonder how customized face masks are made? We put together this behind the scenes video at our factory to show you our face mask manufacturing process.  Learn how it's done, then make one for yourself!


Hundreds of Pre-made Face Mask Designs

Browse through hundreds of unique designs for your face mask with artwork created by the independent artists of Merchiful.  You can see our full face mask collection here. You support a local artist with your purchase!

Customized Face Masks

Interested in designing your own face mask? Visit our Make Merch page and try out our online customizer tool.  This tool will allow you to upload your artwork or pictures as well as add text to your design.  We'll print your face mask exactly as you designed it.  Give it a try and see how easy it is to make a face mask!


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