How These Kids Turned Quarantine Into Cash

How These Kids Turned Quarantine Into Cash
Authored By David Tan

Businesses are popping up overnight to cash in on the new face mask economy. Learn about how one family from Southern California got their head start.

When we were considering whether to launch our own face mask line, we didn’t know how we could do it on our own. But by using Merchiful, the idea became a reality within a few weeks! Merchiful created a professional looking website and could fulfill our demand quickly, so we were able to establish ourselves as a trusted store early on. Now our kids and their babysitter are running the whole operation, and we’re selling between 40-60 masks on average per day!
Jen Moore, founder of

Face Masks E-commerce Business

It all started when the Moore kids were stuck at home due to the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home order. Every time they had to go out and wear face masks, they complained that it was uncomfortable. They searched online for masks but couldn’t find anything they liked. That’s when they got the bright idea of making their own face masks. Working with a freelance graphic designer, the kids were able to develop a line of face designs that they liked. MaskaraShop (from the word “mask” in Tagalog) was born.

Merchiful created the online store for them at, and within a few weeks they were up and running. Demand grew, but there was no issue in meeting the growing demand because Merchiful’s team provided both design and technical expertise to allow the business to scale up very quickly. From inventory management to customer service communication platforms to sales analytics, all the tools that were needed to run a successful business were at their fingertips. The user-friendly back-end system allowed the kids to take over operations, and now they are pretty much running day-to-day operations!

Face Mask Orders

“When we first started, we celebrated if we received one order per day. Then suddenly the orders started pouring in. I really like my job because I can work from home and everything is set up so we can do the shipping easily.” – Lily Moore, 16 years old

Use Merchiful’s services to help you get to market in rapid speed and grow with your demand. Just like the Moore family did with, you too can create your own face mask business! Check out our e-commerce solutions today with


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