Filipino Artist Profile: AsianCoffeegirl

Filipino Artist Profile: AsianCoffeegirl
Authored By Gillie Rodriguez

Name: Mary Escol
Shop Name: AsianCoffeeGirl
Age: 29

Meet our newest Merchiful Creator AsianCoffeeGirl, an art enthusiast focused on zentangle, psychedelic, and dark / colorful artwork.


How did you come up with your name?
I love coffee so much, I guess most of my artworks are fueled by coffee. ☺️

What inspires you in creating your design?
Nature is one of my inspiration in making design.

Favorite subject to create. Why?
Sun and moon infused with mandala. I love the energy given by the sun, I love the relaxation / calm mood given by the moon, and I love the focus I have in making mandala art.

What piece in your portfolio are you proud of and why?
The I entitled "Balanse".  I enjoyed doing it. It makes me happy whenever i see it.

Advice for those who have talent and starting their career in graphic designing?
Don't give up easily.  Just keep on making designs, but don't forget to enjoy it.


See AsianCoffeeGirl's hypnotic designs and buy her merch on her AsianCoffeeGirl shop.




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