Filipino Artist Profile: ArtdustPH

Filipino Artist Profile: ArtdustPH
Authored By Gillie Rodriguez

How did you come up with your name?
I wanted a whimsical name and I love word play. I heard this word before and thought, why not?

Tell us how you got your start in graphic design.
I've always loved drawing as a kid, and I'm basically a self-taught artist. I used to draw in MS Paint, too! Then, I learned about Photoshop and started creating stuff digitally back in college -- banners for my Facebook profile, then eventually a design for a shirt in one of my classes. The rest is history. :)

What inspires you in creating your design?
I get ideas from daily life and experiences, and my daydreams (you know, the things you think about when you travel 2-3 hours to work and back home hahaha).

Favorite subject to create. Why?
I always find myself illustrating the night sky. There's something about the colors and stars that is calming.

What piece in your portfolio are you proud of and why?
"The Love Checklist" - This is the first shirt design I did which I was able to sell offline. And I think anyone of any age can relate to it.

What are the struggles of being a graphic artist?
I guess, it's standing out among the crowd and being relatable enough. And oh, laziness (at least for me hehe).

What is the most important achievement you've attained because of graphic designing?
I got to be a published children's book illustrator! "Maliit na ang Palda ni Isay" and "Spaghetti for Nanay" are the two books I illustrated under Vibal Publishing House.

What makes you a good graphic designer?
I take the ordinary and think of a way to give it a twist.

What do people say about your designs?
Most people say it's cute or witty.

How do you handle harsh criticism in your design?
I take it objectively to improve my craft.

Do you prefer working alone or in a group?
I prefer working alone, but I can work in a group when necessary.

Advice for those who have talent and starting their career in graphic designing.
Cliché as it may sound, just keep going! Even if you think your progress is slow, just keep doing your thing. And don't compare yourself with other artists. Instead, compare yourself to your previous self. And know your worth.

How did you know about Merchiful and why did you chose it to be the platform of your designs?
I saw it on Instagram. They offer a wide choice of products and allows store owners to have their own branded tags.

What can Merchiful customers expect from your designs?
I won't be able to stick to one theme or style maybe because my brain can't stay in one place haha. It will be random -- from puns to statement shirts to wordless illustrations -- but you'll love it anyway. Well, at least I hope. ^^

Describe yourself in one word.


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