Filipino Artist Profile: Artscape

Filipino Artist Profile: Artscape
Authored By David Tan

Name: Louisa Sy
Shop Name: Artscape
Age: 21

You wouldn’t normally expect science and art to come together in perfect harmony. In the case of 21-year old graphic artist Louisa Sy, it is her world. This beautiful balance between science and art is achieved through Sy’s designs for Artscape. Learn more about her below and find out what makes her creations different from everyone else's.

How did you come up with your name?
Well, I thought about using my last name, Sy, to name it as Artsy. I want to come up with a catchy and original name, but I saw many people using that name on their handle accounts when I searched it online. That's when I saw Esc key and decided to combine it with the word Art instead. 

Here it goes: Art + Esc = Artscape. I think this is an inspiring name for people who consider art as a form of escapism.

Tell us how did you start in graphic design.
Back when I was in High School, I joined our school publication and worked as a cartoonist. I got involved in a lot of poster-making competitions. I designed organization uniforms using the traditional method - pencil and paper. I loved traditional art back then, and I also decided to learn digital art by myself to enhance my skills. I explored Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and even Premiere Pro and After Effects for making motion graphics and videos for school projects as well.

What inspires you in creating your designs?
I am inspired by how fascinating the human body is - the art and science behind it. I am currently taking Physical Therapy because that's what my father wants for me. Even if I want to pursue my passion for art, I decided to take that medical course instead. And honestly, I did not regret that choice. I am grateful to have an opportunity to explore the beauty of the human body and illustrate what I have learned.

Favorite subject to create. Why?

When I first tried to draw, I used my father's book as a reference. And if I am not mistaken, it was a human anatomy guide for artists which most of the illustrations are nude poses. That's when my passion for illustrating body structures began. It was the first thing that I have learned by myself as the book itself has no instructions on how to draw. Even so, I still find it interesting and motivated me to continue learning.

What piece in your portfolio are you proud of and why?

I am proud of the organization uniform that I have designed. It was a full design of CAT (Citizen Army Training) officer uniform. I am proud of it because it was my first time to design a uniform, and I only used paper and colored pencils that time, and it got approved. It inspired me to continue designing uniforms and shirts. This was also the reason why I pushed myself to learn digital art.

What are the struggles of being a graphic artist?
All artists do struggle whether they had a formal art education or not. It's just a matter of 3P's - perseverance, practice, and patience.

What makes you a good graphic designer?
Even if I have never taken any formal art courses, I find my way to learn it by myself. I learned the basics by using my father's art books, and I watched online tutorials. I think the determination to learn and strive for something more makes anyone a good artist.

How do you handle harsh criticism in your design?
As a self-taught artist, criticism is expected. However, I do not take it personally, and I consider it an opportunity to reinvent myself - learn to course-correct along the way so that I can become more flexible.

Do you prefer working alone or in a group?

I enjoy working independently but I can also work well with others, too. It all depends on the project that needs to be done.

Advice for those who have talent and starting their career in graphic designing?
Always trust your creativity and openly accept criticism; know if it is valid or not, so you can find something to learn from it.

How did you know about merchiful and why did you chose it to be the platform of your designs?
When I planned to have my own clothing line, I searched everything about starting a shirt business then I saw print-on-demand service. That's when I searched if there's a POD service here in the Philippines and discovered about Merchiful. I find this quite fulfilling as I do not need an inventory and worry about the production.

What can merchiful customers expect from your designs?

More greek mythology and anatomically focused designs exclusively for people who works or studies in medical field.

Describe yourself in one word.

Don’t let another day go by without having one of Artscape’s shirts in your closet. Find one that matches your personality when you take a look at Louisa’s shop at




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