Filipino Artist Profile: Hiraya Isla

Filipino Artist Profile: Hiraya Isla
Authored By David Tan
About the shop:

HIRAYA ISLA is the creative outlet of young artists, Hiraya and Isla. This is their imagination island! Where art is turned into shirts and merch designed by kids, for kids, and kids at heart.

How it began:

Early 2019, Hiraya set up a table in front of our house to sell her and her sister Isla’s handmade toys, arts, and crafts. We live in a pretty remote village where there’s rarely foot traffic. No one was there to check out her stuff. This broke Hiraya’s heart. So I promised her that we can sell their creations online.

Fast forward today, we finally have an online store!

About the artists:

Hiraya is a 6 year old artist, whose name means ‘imagination’ in Filipino. She likes cats and wants to meet Gwen Stacy (Spider Girl) someday. She has always been a creative entrepreneur. Always tinkering and creating stuff, usually made of natural materials and recycled trash. Then sells her handmade creations to family and friends.

Isla's name means ‘island’ in Spanish. A 5 year old artist who dreams of becoming a professional freediver when she grows up. She's largely animated, whimsically musical, and has her own personal take on art. Her favorite subjects are consistently about the ocean and marine animals.

To get to know more about Hiraya Isla, follow her on Facebook at:  You can check out their merch at

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