Filipino Artist Profile: Ipis Of My Mind

Filipino Artist Profile: Ipis Of My Mind
Authored By Gillie Rodriguez

How did you come up with your name?
One day I was having fun sketching coackroaches and my best friend told me hey why dont you try making your own stuff and name it Ipis of my Mind since Ipis sounds like "a piece" and they came out of your mind.

Tell us how did you start in graphic design.
I started as a cartoonist and illustrator using traditional tools like pencil and ink. I learned about graphic design during my experiences at work.

What inspires you in creating your design?
There is always inspiring in our everyday life. Anything that makes us laugh or inspire others is the core of my designs.

Favorite subject to create. Why?
I chose the cartoon cockroach because I am amazed at their resiliency. They have been around for millions of years and never faced extinction thus far.

What piece in your portfolio are you proud of and why?
I like to think that every work I make that successfully inspires and make others laugh is really something to be proud of.

What are the struggles of being a graphic artist?
My guess is that most are trapped on trying to compare our works with others and that would sometime hinder creativity and sometimes remove the fun of creating stuff.

What is the most important achievement you've attained because of graphic designing?
Altho I have completed a lot of awesome projects in the past, I always try to focus on the reasons why I create stuff rather than gathering accolades for creating them.

What makes you a good graphic designer?
My guess is that I try to create something fresh as much as possible.

What does people say about your design?
I really don't ask them; but when I see them laugh its good enough for me.

How do you handle harsh criticism in your design?
Everyone is entitled to their opinion; I'd rather choose to go back when we were children-when doing things were fun.

Do you prefer working alone or in a group?
I don't mind working solo however working in a group is much fun as you get to work with awesome artists as yourself and learn a lot from them.

Advice for those who have talent and starting their career in graphic designing.
Simply enjoy your works and always find the reason why you do what you do. When times get rough just remind yourself why you do what you do. Never cease to learn and always stay humble.

How did you know about merchiful and why did you chose it to be the platform of your designs?
I searched online if we have a print on demand service here in the Philippines since I want to support local and my success would be their success and success for filipinos as well.

What can merchiful customers expect from your designs?
Original, awesome and funny

Describe yourself in one word.


To get to know more about Ipis of My Mind, make sure to follow him on Instagram @ipisofmymind and his online shop at

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