Filipino Artist Profile: Mr. Pineapple

Filipino Artist Profile: Mr. Pineapple
Authored By Vanessa Yumul

How did you start in graphic design?
I started in graphic design when I was in college. I discovered my talent in graphic design when I was designing our graphical user interface for our thesis. I'm a Computer Science graduate, and in our course didn't have any designing lessons.  All of our lessons were programming, logic, and algorithms. When we made a program or application, we needed to design our interface.  But we found it difficult because we didn’t have any idea about designing a perfect interface for our program.  The only way to learn graphic design was to learn it online, so I watched video tutorials and I researched about graphic design.  I learned how to make icons, logos, and other vector graphics.  That was the time I decided to become a vector artist because I felt more comfortable and happy in graphic design. Then one day when I was searching how to use the tools in Adobe Illustrator, I found something interesting that caught my attention: “digital drawings”. That was the time I started drawing again as a hobby. Today I draw characters on paper because I don't have any drawing tablet to draw it digitally. All I have now is cheap color pencils, used bond paper as my canvas, pencils, erasers, and a 2010 model laptop to make digital art. And that’s how I start in graphic design.

What's your favorite subject to draw?
I like drawing characters from the game I played, movies or anime that I watched, and cute characters. Sometimes I like combining them all together.

What did you do in your spare time?
I spend time with my family and friends.  I also like watching movies, anime, and art videos, and playing computer and mobile games. 

Do you prefer to work in a group or alone? Why?
I prefer to work in a group, because we can share our skills and knowledge to each other.

What is the weirdest thing you've done for your designs?
The weirdest thing I've done in design was Iron Man with 7 dragon balls to his armor.  I made that art because of the death of Iron Man on the Avengers End Game movie.  Some fans say that Iron Man can be revived by dragon balls so I decided to make some funny art based on that joke.

Your go to place to draw?
Anywhere, as long as I have my drawing materials and table.

Describe a time when you had a best moment as graphic artist.
The best moment I had as a graphic artist was the time that I learned how to turn my sketches on paper into digital art.

What is one of your biggest accomplishments from your graphic design?
My biggest accomplishment so far was when I joined an online art competition for the first time and then luckily won using the art style that I had been improving on for 3 months.

What can you say to young ones out there who have talent in sketching and graphic design?
Just keep improving every day little by little.  Don't compare yourself to others,  because all of us have unique personalities and skills.  Instead, compare yourself to yourself.  Compare your artwork from yesterday and start improving it.

Don't wait for the right moment where you have the perfect tools to create art or when you have the best computer to make digital art.  You must use what you have right now.  Don't wait for the right opportunity.  Work for it to make it happen.

Just keep moving when you feel lost.  It's ok to feel lost. It's normal.  Just keep moving when you feel lost.  Try to make different things.  Try different kind of art so you can improve.

Another thing, expectation kills creativity. Don't expect too much when doing art. Don't expect that your art will become the best art when you start doing it. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just draw with your emotions.  Let your creativity do the artwork.

And the most important thing: do it for fun, not for money.  And take care of your eyes.

What is the most important achievement you've attained because of graphic designing?
The most important achievement that I attained was bringing my ideas in art to life by sketching on paper and making it into digital art.

What are the qualities or skills a great graphic artist should have?
A great graphic artist should have a peaceful mind and be able to finish the artwork no matter what happens.

Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

I don't know, it depends on the situation.  Maybe I will become an artist who sells art printed on stuff like mugs, pillows, and t-shirts if people like my artwork.  Or perhaps I'll be an artist who makes art video tutorials or an animator. I don’t know. I'm just focusing on my present life now, to make a vision of my future.

Name one thing that people probably don’t know about you.
I love pineapples and science.


To get to know more about Mr.Pineapple, make sure to follow him on Instagram @mr_pineapple01. For more cute character designs, check out his online shop at

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