Filipino Artist Profile: The Good Villain

Filipino Artist Profile: The Good Villain
Authored By Guia Dumancas
Draw and draw till you have thousands. Satisfy your T-shirts cravings with Creator Ma. Carmela Tolentino.
 "Give me a pen and I'll draw what's on my mind." Ma. Carmela Tolentino is eager to share her talents and passion for graphic designing. This woman learned to draw all by herself and later on through graphic design studies, she honed her skills.  Learn more about her in our interview below.
Who taught you to draw?
"I learned it just by myself and later on I honed my skills because of our graphic design subject in school."
Who inspires you every day to draw and continue your passion in graphic design?
"My family, my dog, and other cool artists inspire me to do more and never stop becoming better. Of course I owe it also to God."
Do you sketch anything or are you specializing in one area?
"Surrealism, even if just composed of line scribbles.  Sometimes I could jump from realism to cartoon. I am more an ink and graphite person in terms of what medium I use."
What do people say about your sketches?
 "Some people say "Did you draw that?" and "You are so good".  But some who are not into arts do not understand what I sketch or draw because it's not aesthetically pleasing for them especially when I do surrealism. So sometimes they will say "I can"t understand it. It's Messy." But I don't mind what other people say."
What is the most important achievement you've attained because of sketching?
 "For me it's fulfillment. My other accomplishment was going abroad for work and doing some freelance work for clients who need illustrations."
What can you say to young ones out there who have talents in sketching and graphic designs?
 "Don't give up and draw more till you have thousands of thousand drawings.  That way, you get better and better."
Carmela is just one of Merchiful's young and talented Creators. I hope we support her and all other Filipino artists.  I'm sure you're excited to see Carmela's T-shirt design collection. You can buy her merch at and follow her on Instagram @the_carmz.

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