VSD Art - An Adventure of Art Waiting For You

VSD Art - An Adventure of Art Waiting For You
Authored By David Tan

Name: Valiente Salviejo Dolloso

Location: San Jose, Philippines

Filipino Artist Profile: Valiente Salviejo Dolloso

Life these days can get so monotonous. Day in and day out, it’s the same things over and over again. That won’t be the case when you get to see Valiente Dolloso’s work with VSD Art. His designs take inspiration from the colorful world of anime and crazy adventures of cartoons, all mixed up with his unique style. Learn down below how he comes up with his distinct take on art.

How did your journey as an Artist begin?
Ever since I was a child, I love to draw. As of now, it’s only been one year since I started with digital art. I saw an artist on Youtube and most of the content revolved around t-shirt or merch designs. I was so excited with what I saw and it awakened my passion for the arts, which was really dormant for quite some time.

How did you come up with VSD for your brand name and what is the reason behind it?
VSD is the initials of my name, Valiente Salviejo Dolloso. I just want it to be simple so I chose that for my brand name.

What is your favorite subject to create, and why?
Cartoons and Anime. I’m a huge fan of cartoons and I grew up watching a lot of anime. I got a lot of good memories from those two.

How would you describe your style?
Bold, clean, and fun.

What are the influences that shaped your style?
There are a few artists who I greatly admire in the industry. I believe I have used and mixed their DNA into my work because I always look up to their designs for inspiration and motivation. I just create and create until I have come up with a unique style of my own.

Every Artist has that one creation they're proud of the most. For you, what is that piece, and why?
Actually, I like almost all of what I create and I’m happy with them, as long as I follow and apply my style. I also work as a freelance graphic artist and I accept commission designs. There are instances when I can’t follow my preferred art style because of a client’s demand.
If I have to pick one design, it would be my Mecha Pilipinyana, although I did that as a premade design for sale. I chose it because I got to apply all the ingredients of my art style for that piece.

What are the struggles you encounter as an Artist?
The first struggle I commonly encounter is art block. I really have a hard time when I experience this because I take a long time to recover. The second struggle is doing an artwork that’s far from my style. Even though I can do it, if I won’t feel excited because I don’t even like the style I’m going to use.

What is the most important achievement you've accomplished as an Artist?
I consider finding my own art style as my most important achievement. When I was still starting, there were a lot of times I got stressed or lost my enthusiasm because I haven’t found my style yet. I really wanted to find my own identity as an artist through my creations. There were a lot of times I noticed I was imitating others. That’s why I was so happy to find my style after so long.

What are the strengths you possess as an Artist?
I can quickly find faults in my work and use them to improve my craft, a trait I consider as my greatest strength. I can say that because there a lot of artists out there who are not even affected by the mistakes they make with their work.

What do people usually say about your designs?
They usually say it’s awesome. There are some who say that my work is simple, clean and the colors I use work well.

How do you handle criticism directed towards your work?
Of course, I get hurt but I focus on the lesson I’m going to get. I still have a lot of things to improve on and I should not get content with what I can do right now.

Are you more comfortable working alone, or do you prefer being a part of a group?
I prefer to work on my own. I also enjoy working with others, especially artists who share the same vision as I do.

Do you have any advice for talented individuals who are about to start their own artistic journey?
Just do their best all the time and don’t allow yourself to lose hope if someone says there’s no future as an artist. They need to focus on improving their skills and learn how to respect other artists too. Also, stay humble all the time.

How did you know about Merchiful, and why did you choose it as the platform of your designs?
I discovered Merchiful on Youtube. Actually, I was just starting to study digital art when I found out about Merchiful and tried to apply. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an art portfolio back then. A year later, I applied again and I was fortunate enough to be accepted. I really wanted to join Merchiful because this is the company that can really help me have my own merch. I also liked the quality of the materials they used. And even though I haven’t seen nor touched the actual merch itself, I can already feel that their quality is more than enough.
Another thing I liked is everything’s automated with them. I also appreciated the support they show to independent artists like me.

What can Merchiful customers expect from you in the coming months ahead?
More creations that revolve around anime fan art and fun cartoon pieces.

Don’t allow your everyday life to be bland or boring. Check out VSD Art’s Merchiful store now and find something that will make your days more adventurous and colorful. You can also find more of Valiente’s work on his own social media platform.

Merchiful Shop: https://www.merchiful.com/pages/vsdart
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ValienteDolloso/


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