Merchiful's Print on Demand Hoodie

Merchiful's Print on Demand Hoodie
Authored By David Tan
Hooded sweatshirts, otherwise known as hoodies, hold a permanent place in daily wear fashion. Merchiful takes the fashion trend one step further. By using the latest in apparel printing technology, we've been able to create one of a kind full sublimation hoodies which allows your favorite artwork to be printed on the entire hoodie, including the front, back, sleeves, and hood.

Fabric is always an important factor, so we give you two choices to fit your style: hoodies made from Yonex fabric and the other made from Polyester Waterproof fabric. You may be asking yourself, which fabric is best? What's the difference between the two?

Yonex fabric is typically known for making jackets since it has a soft, brushed interior with minimal stretchability. It has a more snug fit and has a subtle reflective surface to it.
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Hoodie with Yonex Fabric

Polyester Waterproof fabric on the other hand is a premium, thicker fabric.  As the name implies, this fabric is waterproof, keeping you dry when it's wet outside.  It has a heftier feel to it than the Yonex fabric, and of the two we do recommend the Polyester Waterproof fabric.

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Hoodie with Polyester Waterproof fabric

Hoodies my Merchiful

The custom sublimated hoodie by Merchiful. Order one from your favorite Merchiful Creator today!


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