Filipino Artist Profile: JCUT Moto

Filipino Artist Profile: JCUT Moto
Authored By David Tan
Meet our one of the coolest and new creator JCUT Moto a 31 year-old man who do motovlogs. 
What do you do in life now? Are you employed?
Currently, I am a freelance videographer. During my spare time, I motovlog.
When did you start vlogging?
Last year 2018 around February.
What do you vlog about?
I do motovlogs which is a type of vlogging which focuses more motorcycle related stuff.
Why do you like motovlogging?
I like motovlogging because it creates a platform for me to share my thoughts and experiences especially to those who are new to the motorcycle and riding community.
What are the common feedbacks you receive from your followers?
Mostly the feedbacks are positive like expressing their gratitude for sharing my thoughts and ideas.
How do you handle hate comments?
I simply ignore my haters and their comments.
What can your followers expect from your designs?
They can expect it to be high quality and something that they can identify or relate to as riders or motorcycle enthusiasts.
How did you know about Merchiful and why did you chose it to be the platform for your designs?
I appeared on my facebook feed a couple of times. And after contacting the company, I am convinced that they can help me realize creating my own line riding jerseys.
How did you start in graphic design?
I am into videography and video editing, and part of it is somehow learning how to create designs for motion graphics. And of course with the help of today's technology (online websites for designing stuffs).
Who taught you to do graphic designs?
I simply Google it or search over YouTube.
Favorite subject to draw or make?
Usually something related to motorcycle.
For you, what is the most fulfilling or rewarding part of motovlogging?
It's the part where people you haven't even met in person express their gratitude for imparting ideas that helped them.
Can you tell us your craziest experience in motovlogging?
When I was able to travel/loop the whole Philippines last year with my motorcycle. For 14 riding days with 5 fellow riders, we covered 5944 kms in total. Although I haven't really made a detailed vlog about it due to time constraints.

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