Now You Can Stick It!

Now You Can Stick It!
Authored By David Tan

Sticker collectors and sticker enthusiasts rejoice!  Merchiful now sells print-on-demand stickers.  These stickers come in packs of 6 pieces and are waterproof, fade resistant, and stick-able on most surfaces. 

Pug Life Sticker
Pug Life Sticker from E.M. Arts

Sticker Crazy

These stickers are printed from the artwork collections of your favorite Merchiful artists.  From cute and zany characters to clever illustrations, we have a wide variety of sticker designs to choose from. 

Following are some of our handpicked favorites:


Dazed and Confused from The Good Villain

Rabbit Punch by Mr. Pineapple

Underwater Astronaut by ArtdustPH

Propaganda Cat by Octopusa


Find Your Favorite Stickers

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the Merchiful Stickers Page to browse our collection of stickers and start your sticker collection today!



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