3D Face Mask Product Designer

3D Face Mask Product Designer
Authored By David Tan

Design your own face masks in real time with Merchiful's new print on demand product designer. Just upload your design and see how it will look in real life, then add to cart and order it!  Here's a quick demo of how our online designer works:

Print on Demand Face Masks

The best part of print on demand face masks is that you get to see how your face mask will look like with your design on it before you order it.  Make changes to your mask's design and see it instantly.

Free Face Mask Mockup Template

To make it easier to design your face mask, contact us and we'll give you a free face mask Photoshop template.  Open the template in Photoshop, then place your images or design into it.  Export the file as JPG (maximum quality), then upload your image into our product designer tool

Once we receive your order, we'll print your face mask, then sew it into a customized face mask that you'll love wearing!

3D Mockup Generator

If you're ready to try out our 3D face mask mockup generator, click here to try it out.


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