Realistic Rotating 3D Mockups

Realistic Rotating 3D Mockups
Authored By David Tan

Using 3D for Merchiful's Print on Demand Products

We are excited to explore a new innovation in print on demand products.  Harnessing the power of 3D software, we're now able to create realistic, interactive rotating 3D models like the one shown above.  Try it yourself!  Swipe the interactive image above to see it spin.  Tap the full screen button to see it in it's full screen glory.

In the upcoming months, expect to see new 3D mockups using this new technology, giving super accurate representations of new apparel styles coming from Merchiful.  Merchiful Creators will have more print on demand options than ever before!   

Stay tuned for more news on the application of this new technology, only here at Merchiful.

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