Shopify + Merchiful: Dropshipping Print on Demand Products

Authored By David Tan

The time has come for a service that unites Shopify stores with Merchiful's print on demand manufacturing capabilities.  It's now possible with our new Shopify + Merchiful integration

If you are the owner of a Shopify store and are looking to integrate with a print on demand dropshipping service, visit

For an overview of how our Shopify + Merchiful integration works, check out our infographic below:

Shopify + Merchiful | Dropshipping Print on Demand Philippines

Shopify + Merchiful Integration

If you already have your own e-commere website powered by Shopify, you should look into our Shopify + Merchiful integration. Our integration takes the hassle out of processing website orders since we do all the fulfillment and shipping for you. Want to know more?  Visit to learn more!


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