Esports Profile: Wanits Gaming

Esports Profile: Wanits Gaming
Authored By Guia Dumancas

Get your game on!  Online gamer Joanna Marie "Wanits" Lubang confesses her passion for esports.

Joanna Marie Lubang, known to her online audience as "Wanits", started playing esports as a hobby when she was just 12. She said playing was a great boredom killer. Later, she was able to turn her hobby into a professional career. Gaming full-time allows her to follow her passion, and gives her time to start on new ventures like releasing her own merch!
What do you do in life now? 
"No company job as of the moment.  I'm currently focused on streaming. I usually go out with friends on my free time, or travel when I need a break from online gaming."
When did you started playing online games? 
"I started playing when I was in elementary school, age 12, and I was into RPG. I switched to competitive tournaments on dance games (i.e. iDate) when I was 16, then switched to MOBA (LoL) when I was 18, and finally to FPS when I was 22."
What specific online game/s are you playing?
"Currently more drawn to Crossfire, but I also play Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival Asia and Steam, and PubG Mobile. Planning to play more games when I feel like it."
How many estimated hours do you spend in online gaming?
"I would say around 5 hours to 10 hours a day. Depends if I have a lot of friends to play with."
Why do you like playing? What do you get from it?
"It’s definitely a boredom killer, and I enjoy playing because I like the feeling of winning after that one game. I met a lot of great people on the gaming scene and made a lot of good friends."
What are the challenges do you face with online game streaming?
"The main challenge would be how to entertain people and make them keep watching my stream. We cannot please everyone with how we act and how we play."
What are the rewards you get from online game streaming?
"First would be good friends! Companions, by means of meeting and being with other players. Cash of course and sponsors."
How did your family support you in your activities online?
"My parents didn’t support me when I was still studying and I think it’s pretty normal to almost every kid like me before. Online gaming was not that acceptable by parents until it became a career. Right now, my parents support me and let me do all the agenda I need when it comes to streaming, gaming events, and tournaments because they know that I am earning through my passion."
Do you get hate comments from your followers? How do you handle it?
"Haven’t received any harsh comments as of now from followers, but from stalkers, yes I do! I just answer sarcastically at their comments then laugh at them."
What makes online gaming a passion and not just a hobby or worst, game addiction?
"You call it passion because you willingly do it out of enthusiasm, and you love that you are doing it and what you are feeling. Hindi  ako naglalaro dahil lang may libreng oras ako, ako yung gumagawa ng paraan na magka oras para lang makapaglaro."
Where did you get the screen name Wanits? Can you tell us the history of that name?
"My friends used to call me Juana in High School. It then changed to Juanita. I just changed the spelling to Wanita and it then became my screen name since 2012. Since Wanita is 3 syllables, I made it Wanits to shorten how they speak it."
How did you learn about Merchiful?
"I saw it as a Facebook advertisement on my news feed. They were making free shirts for selected teams, so I tried to ask if I can get them as a sponsor. Luckily, they agreed, and even offered to have a collaboration."
What can you say to your online game followers now that you have your own T-shirt business?
"I finally have my own merch, guys! You can support and spread my gaming career if you’d avail one of my designs. Having my own logo printed on a gaming shirt was a plan I made long time ago, and I haven’t had the time to do it. That’s why I am thankful for Merchiful to put my plans in action."
What can they expect from your designs?
"Expect a lot of FPS-themed merchandise! And if you want your own logos and designs printed, just ask!"
So if you are an esport enthusiast in need of a gaming jersey, order your team uniform now at You can also check out Wanits on her social media accounts:


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