Why Merchiful?

Why Merchiful?
Authored By David Tan

When you think of merch in the Philippines, what comes to mind? We want you to think of Merchiful first. Merchiful is a Philippines-based company made by Filipinos for Filipinos. With most of the popular Print on Demand websites such as Tee Spring, Printful, Represent.com, and Tee Public based in the U.S., we decided that it was time to create something similar, but targeted specifically for the Philippine market.

So what does Merchiful mean? Merchiful is the blending of two words: merch and beautiful. Merchiful aims to be the premier place for official fan merchandise by Filipino influencers, celebrities and independent artists.  

Our slogan "Buy, create, and sell merch you love" describes not just what we do, but that we love what we're doing.

So what qualifies us to create a website like Merchiful in the Philippines? Our parent company Photo Fusion has had years of experience in the digital printing world. We run several other brands, including PhotoFusion.com.ph, PillowArt.com.ph, Customized.com.ph, SnugglyPets.com.ph, Teddy.ph, and WhiteLabel.ph. Merchiful is the end product of our years of experience in the dye sublimation industry creating personalized merchandise and apparel for Filipinos. 

The mission for Merchiful is to provide a platform that supports and monetizes the creative efforts of independent artists and influencers in the Philippines. We hope you'll support our platform and our efforts to uplift our fellow Filipinos.

David Tan
CEO, Merchiful.com

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