Dropshipping Print on Demand Products

Do you have your own Shopify store and want to find a print on demand manufacturer to handle all your production needs? Merchiful is based in Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines, and manufacturers customized print on demand products.  We are offering an integration between Shopify and Merchiful which will enable you to list products on your website, then have your orders automatically synced and processed with Merchiful.  We will handle the production and shipping of your items, all under your brand!  For an overview of how the process work, check out our infographic below.

Shopify + Merchiful | Dropshipping Print on Demand Philippines
Shopify + Merchiful Integration
If you already have your own e-commere website powered by Shopify, you should look into our Shopify + Merchiful integration. Our integration takes the hassle out of processing website orders since we do all the fulfillment and shipping for you. Want to know more?  Visit PrintOnDemand.com.ph to learn more.

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