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Camisa Grafica - The Art You Can Wear

Name: Adonis Juaño
Shop Name: Camisa Grafica

Standing out from the crowd is not an easy thing to do. Fortunately, there’s a better way to help you do just that. Adonis V. Juano’s Camisa Grafica is filled with shirts that come to life with the use of colorful and captivating designs. Learn more about this artist and find out why these shirts should be in your closet.

How did you come up with your brand name?
It's the Spanish name for graphic shirt.

How did your journey as a Graphic Designer begin?
It started as a hobby. Later on, I decided to enter the t-shirt design business since this is my passion.

What is your inspiration when creating a design?
Usually, I get my designs when I base them on Japanese, retro and Pinoy cultures.

What are the struggles you encounter as a Graphic Artist?
My biggest struggle is in the area of time management.

What makes you stand out as a Graphic Designer?
I would say that when it comes to being a Graphic Designer, I am flexible and versatile.

What do people say about your designs?
The people I encounter tell me that my designs are quite unique.

How do you handle criticism directed towards your work?
I take it as a challenge and turn it into a motivation to improve myself and my craft.

Are you more comfortable working alone, or do you prefer being a part of a group?
When it comes to creating designs, I prefer working alone.

Do you have any advice for talented individuals who are about to start their Graphic Design career?
To those who are just starting out, just keep believing and be consistent with your art.

How would you describe yourself in one word?

If you have been looking for retro shirts that infuse Filipino and Japanese elements together, you can trust Camisa Grafica to give you what you need. Head on over to his shop at and discover the beautiful intricacies of this artist’s designs.

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