Adrian Milag - A Wonderful Blend of Faith and Art

Adrian Milag - A Wonderful Blend of Faith and Art
Authored By David Tan

Name:  Adrian Milag

Location: Metro Manila

Filipino Artist Profile: Adrian Milag

In many ways, our faith has been the spark that led to so many incredible works of art in our world. It’s the inspiration we get from something we believe in so much that allows us to create something visually amazing. That’s the same case too for Adrian Milag, whose content has been inspiring many when it comes to their faith. Take a look below at how this content creator uses his immense love for God to come up with merch that you will appreciate.

How did your journey as an artist begin?
I’m more of a content creator than an artist. I have a partner who creates the designs for my brand but I’m the one who conceptualizes how I want my merch to look like, the theme. My partner will then translate my thoughts and make a design that works.
This process started with my vlog and now I get to express the message I want to convey to people. My vlog, in particular, is about the Catholic faith, so most of my merch is about propagating my faith, and being a proud Catholic. 

How did you come up with your brand and what is the reason behind it?
My name is Adrian Milag and I decided to use that as my brand. In online marketing, it’s better to use your name for a brand. In that way, you’ll be more credible and trustworthy to people. If you use a personal approach, you’ll be able to connect to people better because you’re a real person, and not just a brand.

As a content and merch creator, how would you describe the style you use?
I want my message to be as simple as possible, especially if the topic is about faith and religion. The way I approach things, I want my style to be more practical. I want people to relate their lives to it easily. That’s important to me - the simplicity of the message.   

Who or what are the influences that shaped your style as a content creator?
It’s Brother Bo Sanchez. He really influenced me because he’s one of the best motivational speakers here in the Philippines. He’s a proud Catholic too. 

How long have you been working on your brand as a Content Creator?
I started officially last 2014. Maybe, around seven years.

In all of those years, what piece of content are you proud of the most?
When I started creating vlogs, they were a disaster. I began making those to inspire people. At first, no one was watching them. I then shifted to online marketing, the stock market. And then, my viewership grew but it didn’t leave an impact on people. Last 2020, before the pandemic started, I created a vlog about a reflection on a certain priest named Fr. Suarez. There were a lot of views, which was a first time. I then started making that kind of content and people warmly accepted them. From there, I came up with a shirt design called “Katoliko Ako”, which people received and the merch I’m proud of the most.

What are the struggles you commonly encounter as a content creator?
My brand only grew around last year. I struggle against the criticism of people during that time. Some of them say that I’m only after making money because of my merch. For me, I believe I’m giving value through the message that comes from my merch. I learned to handle that struggle from an emotional perspective. I just focus on people who supported me.

What is your most important achievement as a content creator during the past seven years?
It’s not about money or the number of subscribers I have. What gives me fulfillment is the people who send messages, giving me good feedback and telling me God spoke to them through my vlog. That feeling really fulfills me.

What are your strengths as a content creator?
Simplicity. My message is straight to the point. I speak to them as a person who can relate to their lives. That’s my main strength. 

When people see your work, what do they usually say about it?
They’re usually surprised when they find out there’s this kind of content about the Catholic faith. They commonly say that I should continue what I’m doing because my vlog helps people by adding more value to their life.

Do you have any advice for talented people who want to try what you’re doing?
Do what they love to do. They should find their passion and not pursue this path for the money. In this day and age, young people want instant success. Because of that factor, they don’t see their true talent given by the Lord. I realized that success is a long shot and it’s not done overnight. If you have a unique talent given by God, you should hone it everyday. Even if you’re not earning from it yet, the time when you’ll be compensated will definitely come.

How did you discover Merchiful and why did you choose it as the platform for your work?
I discovered Merchiful from a fellow video creator. I then checked Merchiful out, their designs out. I learned that Merchiful is the biggest Print On Demand company here in the Philippines. I concluded that my effort won’t go to waste if I partnered with Merchiful for my Merch needs. I also appreciated the variety of products and the flexibility of the designs. 

What can Merchiful customers expect from you in the coming months?
I’m planning to come out with more designs. I’m also hoping for a longer and more fruitful partnership with Merchiful.

In one word, how would you describe yourself?
It’s not just one word, actually. The phrase I would describe myself would be a servant of Jesus.

Wearing your faith won’t be a problem after you’ve seen what Adrian Milag has in store for you. Check out his Merchiful store now and discover how you can take his work home. You can also check this content creator out on these different social media platforms

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