Dysign Cloud - A space of Art and Designs under the sun.

Dysign Cloud - A space of Art and Designs  under the sun.
Authored By David Tan
CREATOR: Drex Yancha
LOCATION: Pangasinan

How did you come up with your brand name, Dysign Cloud?
- I've always wanted to have a personal touch with my brand so I picked D Y from my initials Drex Yancha and have it spelled with "Design".
While I used "Cloud" to be open with anything under the SUN, up and down.

How did you start as an artist?
- I honestly didn't think I'd turn out to be one. I'm just grateful that my family supported my passion with art that they enrolled me to take Fine Arts.

What is your primary artistic subject?
- I think I'm more into personal subjects like People (portraits), their lifestyle and events happening.

How do you describe your style?
- Funny how I still don't have my own style. For me, It's multiple, and it depends on the mood.

Who or what are your artistic Influences for this style?
- I'm really not sure who but I follow Artgerm to keep going, he has his own style so different from mine, but I really find his art and designs amazing!

Where do you find inspiration?
- Books, movies, social media and mostly, My personal experiences and people around me.

Which of your artistic work are you most proud of? Why so?
- I am most proud of my first traditional oil painting- as a student, A self portrait. I never thought, I'd be able to paint myself "realistically" even at my broken days. lol

What qualities and skills should a good graphic designer/artist have?
- As a graphic designer, it is important to be meticulous and keen to details. As an Artist, just follow your heart and creative instinct.

How do you overcome creative blocks and other struggles as an artist?
- A struggle every artist goes through, but for me, I try to browse my old works and go over them to critique myself, then there goes the creative juices coming.

What is your crowning achievement as an artist?
- One I'd always be proud of is to meet and work with multinational artists from around the globe,
that's working as a marketing executive from a non-profit organization promoting emerging artists in Dubai, UAE.

How do you handle criticism?
- I keep it with myself and do mental judgement of the criticism, but of course, I always consider the thought may it be good or bad.

Any advice for aspiring designers who are set to begin on their artistic endeavors?
- Just follow your heart...and what's coming. Always research for the future trends.

How did you know about Merchiful, and why did you choose it as the platform of your designs?
- From a former colleague, they gave me a task with Merchiful and there I got the idea of trying. I was hesitant at first, but after so many months of thinking, I tried and now am here! :D

What can Merchiful customers expect from you in the coming months ahead?
- Dysign Cloud is a space of Art and Designs anything under the sun, with my #MadeinThePhilippinesArtSeries, I wish to create an initiative to promote Filipino Art and re-live the good old days of our community.

In one word, how would you describe yourself as an artist?
- Rare

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