Filipino Artist Profile: The Sketch Artwear

Filipino Artist Profile: The Sketch Artwear
Authored By Guia Dumancas
From Poster Making Contest participant to now an online T-shirt shop owner: The story of Mykie Dahihldahil "The Sketch Artwear"
Who would have thought that a young girl from Bacolod City who used to participate in Poster Making Contests before is now a very talented and fulfilled graphic designer? I'm talking about Mykie Dahildahil. Mykie also finished her Fine Arts degree while winning the Best Thesis Award. Wow! This woman really amazes us. And she will continue surprising us with her poignant story. Have a read on our conversation below.
How did you start in graphic design?
I took up design classes in LCC Bacolod and was a Fine Arts student. I got drawn to the graphic design field, and enjoyed every bit of it.
Who taught you to draw?
When I was little I used to participate in poster making contests. I think who really taught me are the people along the way - my teachers, classmates, family and also the numerous artists on the internet who inspired me to pursue my own art. Art school was a great influence as well, as I got to learn the proper techniques in making art as guided by our professors.
How does it feel when you are sketching or drawing?
It feels like breathing.  You know that it's essential to keep on learning. It's very satisfying to finish artwork you put  effort into. I also turn to sketching as my stress reliever or whenever I’m down.  Sketching is quite therapeutic for me.  It calms me.
Do you sketch anything or are you specializing in one area?
I love sketching in pen and ink traditionally ever since, but I’m always open to different mediums. I do paint, I can draw products and landscapes, but what I enjoy the most is portrait sketching in realism. I love to watch anime and read manga too. That's why my strokes would sometimes develop in that style. I started drawing digitally just this year and I am enjoying it because it's a great help combining my layouts and sketches.
What do people say on your sketches or artworks?
Some would say that they love my style. Then there will be times that they don't see my sketches and designs as pleasing, or I guess to them it's kind of messy. Others find it ordinary, but I take those opinions and feedback as a motivation to better myself in the future.
Do you see sketching as a job or as a passion?
Actually, I can passionately work with my ideas and collaborate it with my designs. It's like having a passion and turning it into a job.
What can you say to young ones out there who have talent in sketching and graphic designs?
Life is a learning process, and don’t get too intimidated with the people around you. Know your worth and set your dreams. Each one of us has are own unique abilities, you just have to find your piece and develop it.
Why did you choose Merchiful to be a platform for your designs?
I got interested on Print-On-Demand companies and did my research until I saw the Merchiful website online. Of course I didn’t waste my time and decided to apply for it. I dream to have a merch business sometime soon, and this platform can be a great experience in my effort to do so.
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